Onsite Massage

handsBecause Integrative Therapy comes in many flavors…

  • Deep Tissue / Myofascial

  • Swedish

  • Detox / Lymphatic

  • Pre/Post Natal

  • Post Surgical Massage

What is most important to remember is to clearly communicate your needs to the therapist… Me!

Since you want relax, be unwound, or prepped for a long run, there is a bodywork modality available to meet your needs.

Thrive Massage & Wellness offers out-call service, (to your home or office) within a 20 mi. radius of downtown Los Angeles.

Thrive appointments utilize Bio-Mat Far-Infrared table warmers. These professional-grade table mats contain 17 pounds of amethyst and a negative ion generator. They can get to 155 degrees. This mat makes your massage warm (or hot) and assist cellular regenerative processes that increase during massage.

Out-call treatments require between 5-10 minute setup time and 5-10 minute breakdown time.

Out-call Rate:  $120 – $150 per hour depending on location.

Finally, please be sure to mention any allergies, (I use 100% organic coconut oil) and also any relevant arrival/parking info needed for your residence.